Quality seed production

For provision of better quality seed to the farmers of the district seed production of various crops namely wheat, paddy, basmati, berseem and radish is done at the KVK farm which are sold to the farmers at the rates fixed by Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

S.no Crop
1 Wheat(PBW621)
2 Paddy(PR114)
3 Basmati (Pusa 1121)
4 Berseem(BL-1)

Diagnostic visits/Advisory Services:

To keep a regular watch on field problems e.g. weed infestation, Insect-Pest and diseases attack and nutritional disorders of various crops, KVK scientists conduct farm visits and give suitable solutions to the problems faced by the farmers. In addition to this, farmers visit KVK for the solution to their field problems for proper guidance and for the solution to their problems.

Farm Literature

The literature published by PAU, Ludhiana for the benefit of farmers and farm women is sold at KVK and during various exhibitions at district level camps.

Soil and water Testing Laboratory

The KVK has well equipped soil and water testing lab. at its campus, where the farmers of the district can get their samples analyzed for enhancing the soil health in order to get higher yield of their crops. These samples are analysed at a reasonable cost of Rs. 20/sample.

Weather Station

The KVK has an Automatic Weather Station at its campus, which records the weather data including rainfall, temperature, humidity etc. The farmers of the area can take advantage of this data for the better management of their crops

Kisan Mobile Advisory Service

The farmers of the district are kept appraised of any upcoming problem in the field crops regarding any disease, pest/insect attack, fertilizer requirements, irrigation schedule etc. through SMS service. For this purpose around 1000 farmers of the district have already been registered and about 80 messages have already been sent. The famers/farm women are also informed about the forthcoming training schedule through this service.